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Welcome to the Ostomy Association of Albuquerque!  We are a support group for people who may be having an ostomy surgery in the future, have a new ostomy, or have had an ostomy for years -- AND their family, friends, and caregivers.  Although the meeting location and members have changed many times, we have been meeting since 1989!  This support group is just as resilient as its members!  We are also a part of the national ostomy organization, United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA) as an affiliated support group. 


Meetings We meet monthly, year-round on the first Sunday of each month at 2 PM.  You can find specific directions under the “Meetings” tab.  Meetings are always educational whether they entail the sharing of tips among participants, a structured topic presentation, or a vendor product demonstration. It is a unique, confidential gathering where you can feel comfortable asking  questions and getting answers about living day-by-day with an ostomy while giving support to and receiving support from other ostomates!


Newsletter We have a newsletter called The Roadrunner published 4 times a year.  This newsletter has articles written by local authors and items shared from support groups across the USA. You can view it on this website under the “News and Events” tab and members can receive it by postal mail or e-mail.


Lending Library We have a collection of books and magazines about ostomy topics present at meetings that may be borrowed.  They vary in scope from medical information and ostomate experiences to humor and motivational ostomate journey and success stories.


Visitor Program Would you like to speak with someone who has an ostomy? We have visitors who have attended a visitor training program who can visit with you by phone or email or who may be able to visit you at your hospital room or home. Ideally, we try and match you with someone in your own sex and age group.  You can go to the “Home” section of this website to find ways to contact us.


Executive Board Meetings This is our business/ governing board meeting and all are welcome to attend. This meeting takes place four times a year (February, May, August, November) an hour before regular meetings.


Supply Closet We accept donated supplies which we make available to people in case of need.  This supply may come in handy when an order is delayed, your needs change, or you want to trial a product. While donated supplies are not intended to function as anyone's regular supply, they may help you during a pinch. Selection reflects donations so it may not have exactly what you are seeking but we find that it has been helpful to many people.


We welcome you to our meetings!  Come and join us!


About The United  Ostomy Association of America 


UOAA’s Mission 

UOAA is an association of affiliated, non-profit, support groups who are committed to the improvement of the quality of life of people who have, or will have, an intestinal or urinary diversion. 

-  It is dedicated to the provision of information, advocacy and service to, and for, its affiliated support groups, their members and the intestinal/urinary diversion community at large. 

-  It is organized to grow and develop while remaining independent and financially viable. 


Membership in UOAA is open to any non-profit ostomy support group that meets UOAA’s affiliation requirements. UOAA has an IRS Group 501(c)(3) charity status that its affiliated support groups can use. 



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