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Questions arise for many reasons:

- Early hospital discharge leaves little time to learn routine care of your stoma, appliance (pouch), and skin.

- Stomas change over time for various reasons.  Skin or stoma issues can arise.

- Even if your ostomy is temporary, you will need to manage it yourself for several months before it can be reversed.

Finding Resources:

- The major Ostomy product manufacturers provide concierge services. You can speak with people trained to offer product advice and suggestions often to provide samples of their products for you to try.

- Your ostomy nurse is a good resource and your ostomy product-supply company often has a nurse available by phone for advice.

- Ostomy support group members discuss products, solutions to problems, provide educational speakers, and may have   members with your same type of surgery who can visit you.

- This website provides phone numbers for local companies, support groups, current events, and valuable links to the United Ostomy Association of America with scores of information on ostomies.  

Common Worries:

Will anyone know I'm wearing a bag?

- No.  And no one will know unless you tell them.  You often meet people who have ostomies and you don't even know it.


Will it be smelly?

- No.  Modern pouch equipment, used correctly, prevents odor.

Will I be able to wear normal clothing?

- Yes.  Pouches today have a low profile and are not noticeable under most clothing.  Some adaptations may be necessary for swimming and other sports.

Will I need to modify my life?

- Maybe.  Depending on your type of ostomy, the extent of surgery, and your general health; some lifestyle modifications may be needed.  For example, you will need to discuss with your doctor the maximum weight you should lift.

After I recover will I be able to...

Play Sports?




Take Baths?

Make Love?

Have a Baby?

      - Yes to all!


Major Ostomy Supply Manufacturer’s Concierge Services:


        Help with choosing a product: 


        Website:   (With many educational sections)

        Coloplast Care Program:  





        Help with choosing a product:


        Website:   (With many educational sections)

        ConvaTec Me+ Program, samples and clinical support: 


        Ph:  1-877-585-0470 opt 4

        FAX:  855-584-8240

CYMEDMicroSkin products 

        Help with choosing a product: 




        Help with choosing a product: 


        Hollister Secure Start Program: 


        Website:   (With many educational sections)


        (Help with choosing a product): 



NU-HOPE LABS (known for hernia belts and custom systems and more)

        Help with choosing a product:





Medical Equipment (Ostomy) Suppliers in Albuquerque:

HME Specialists: (abbreviated for “Home Medical Equipment”) Headquarters Albuquerque with branches in Clovis, El Paso, Farmington, Gallup,  Hobbs, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, Roswell, Santa Fe, and Silver City.

        Albuquerque HME Osuna Location at 611 Osuna Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM   87113 With showroom.

        Cust. Svc.:  ph: 


        Toll Free:  ph:  





        Albuquerque HME West Side Location at 10801 Golf Course Road, NW, Albuquerque, NM  87114

        Same numbers as above.


Phil’s Pharmacy (Phil’s Pills) at 5510 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM   87110

        (Carry some ConvaTec Ostomy Supplies and Accessories)

         Cust. Svc.: ph: 






National Seating and Mobility

        (formerly Sandia Surgical, Inc.)

        Medical Supplier with home delivery 

        (Carry some Coloplast, ConvaTec, and Hollister Supplies for ongoing or OTC purchase)

        4431 Anaheim Ave. NE, Suite A, Albuquerque, NM   87113        

        Cust Svc.:  ph: 


        Toll free: 

        (800) 753-1589




        (Educational Links about Insurance and Medical Issues)


Mail Order Supplier/ Distributor Companies:

Byram Healthcare 

        Cust. Svc. for Ostomy: 


        Cust Svc.:  ph:


        FAX:  ph: 





Edgepark Medical Supplies

        Cust. Svc. Ostomy Specialists:  ph.




Parthenon Inc.

        Cust. Svc.: Ph: 


        FAX:  ph.




 Shield Healthcare

        Customer  Service:  ph. 800-675-7342

        FAX:  ph. 800-578-9484


Ostomy Supply Resources -- Lower Cost Alternatives

Local Resource: 

The Ostomy Association of Albuquerque: (OAA) maintains a supply closet of donated supplies, at no cost, to people who need them. Since the supplies are donated, the available supplies vary.  These supplies are helpful to people who have emergency needs, or want to trial a different product.  It is not a good source to fill regular long term needs. To make an appointment and get directions contact the OAA by voicemail or email.

Manufacturer's Assistance Programs: All the major manufacturers sponsor programs for people without insurance coverage. They vary in the amount and length of time they offer assistance and you must complete a form to qualify.

        Convatec: 800-422-8811
        Coloplast: 877-781-2656
        Hollister: 800-323-4060


National Groups: (Provide supplies but require shipping and handling costs)

        Osto Group:  877-678-6690
        Ostomy  (emergency supplies, donation requested)
        Kindred Box: Kindred Box is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the U.S. dedicated to improving the lives of people living with ostomies. They              distribute donated supplies to help uninsured or underinsured individuals. Resource on Facebook, and

Lower Cost Options:

        Best Buy Ostomy Supplies: 866-940-4555
        Mercy Supply Collaborative:  888-637-2912
        Ostomy4less: 877-678-6694 
        Parthenon Ostomy Supplies: 800-453-8898
        Stomabags: 855-828-1444

Ostomy Support Groups in New Mexico:

Ostomy Association of Albuquerque:  Monthly meetings. 

        Meets at Cherry Hills Library, Albuquerque        

        For information call voicemail:  505-830-2135




VA Ostomy Support Group: for Military Veterans

        Meets at VA Hospital, Albuquerque

        For information call voicemail:  505-265-1711, Ext. 5171


Ostomy Support Group of Southern NM:  

        Meets in Las Cruces, NM

        Ph:  voicemail:  575-532-4399 or 575-649-8249

Hospital Contacts in Albuquerque for Ostomates:

Lovelace Medical Center Ostomy Nurses: 


Lovelace Medical Group – General Surgery--Ostomy Clinic:  

       Outpatient Clinic  


Presbyterian Main Hospital Ostomy Nurses:  


Presbyterian Wound and Ostomy Care Center:  

        Outpatient Clinic  


University New Mexico Medical Center Hospital (UNM) Ostomy Nurses: 


University New Mexico Outpatient Ostomy Clinic:  

        505-272-2336 Monday - Friday

Veteran’s Hospital (Veteran’s only) Wound/ Ostomy Nurses: 


        Ext#  5232 or 5171 or 4411



Websites We Recommend:

Colorectal Cancer Alliance:

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation:


United Ostomy Association of America:

Vegan Ostomy:

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